Metropolitan Premium Properties

Metropolitan Premium Properties

P.O. Box 124585, Al Manara Tower, Office 1913, Business Bay, Dubai

ORN: 11899

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About Metropolitan Premium Properties
We focus on the sales and rentals of exclusive recreational and resort properties in Dubai. We deliver the full range of professional real estate services: we help our customers to buy, sell or rent properties, as well as manage their existing resort homes in Dubai. If you already have or just found a property in Dubai, we will be happy to facilitate your real estate transcations. We at Metropolitan Premium Properties are especially proud of our premium class after sale service – we like to keep in touch!

Why Metropolitan Premium Properties?

Location, Location, Location…
Metropolitan Premium Properties is located, registered and licensed by all relevant authorities in Dubai, UAE. What’s in that for our customers? Of course it’s the cost reduction. We work directly with the property owners or end buyers/ tenants, so we never resort to the services of unwanted mediators and our prices are very competitive. We are physically in Dubai, we live here and know the city like the back of our hands. We follow all changes in the market, and subsequently so do our clients.

We are professionals
There are no “by-passers” in our team: we are committed to the highly personalized service and loyalty to the customers. All our agents have been in real estate business for more then seven years, and we all aim to get the best possible deal for our clients. All our agents are trained and certified by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai (RERA) and ready to provide a professional and honest advice on the pitfalls and peculiarities of buying, selling or renting property in Dubai.

We put the privacy of our customers as our priority. We understand how sensitive the issues of private property can be and we are ready to provide a very high level of confidentiality. We have developed a confidentiality protocol that is a must for all our agents and employees.

We have closed deals in all areas of Dubai, so we practically know all requirements and peculiarities of transactions for properties in different districts and from various developers. Our vast experience eliminates any “unforeseen circumstances” and will definitely save your time and budget.

In-depth projects knowledge
When viewing the property, our agent will comprehensively brief you on all aspects of the project, including the area it is located in. You will know everything about the district starting from the utilities cost to the restaurants and nurseries. While praising the advantages of the area we will try to tackle all possible drawbacks. We also try to furnish the maximum of financial information: maintenance and operational costs, prospected profits from rent, liquidity, etc.

Accompanied viewings
While arranging the viewing we always put forth the precious time of our customers. The viewing will be performed at your convenience even if it is a weekend. Our agent, who will not only show to you the property, but also introduce you as well to the area, will always accompany you.

Thorough work with the customers’ requirements
We value your time most of all, so studying the requirements is the first thing we do when we meet a new customer. We take everything into consideration: your profession, your family, your hobbies, and, of course, first of all your wishes. We will never waist your time and introduce to you only the properties which match your criteria.

Extensive database
Years of working in Dubai real estate market brought to us an extensive database of property owners and investors. Working with us will grant to you the access to our impressive list of direct sellers. We tend to sign direct agreements with all sellers, so we can negotiate the price and terms efficiently saving your time and money. We also avail a wide network of investors, and that means that we will sell your property quickly and with a maximum benefit for you.

Additional services
We do follow up. Our customers value our after sale service, so we are always stay on hand. You can count on us when dealing with utilities connections, maintenance or interior design issues. We will help to maintain the comfort of your holiday home while you are not in the country. Just ask our agents – we like to keep in touch!

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Exclusive Best Price Apt With Sea & Marina View

فيرمونت بالم ريزيدنس شمال, فيرمونت بالم ريزدنس, نخلة الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 3 bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

Vacant 2 BR | Fully Furnished | Marina View

مرجان 1, مرجان, مساكن شاطئ الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Furnished 2BR | High Floor | Sea & Marina View

رمال 6, رمال, مساكن شاطئ الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Exclusive I Brand New I Burj Khalifa View

ماركيز سكوير تاور, الخليج التجاري, دبي
شقة, studio, 1 bathroom

Exclusive 1BR I Mid Floor I Fully Furnished

برج أبر كريست, دبي وسط المدينة, دبي
شقة, 1 bedroom, 2 Bathrooms

Elegant 5BR Villa on Golf Course Dubai Hills

غولف بلايس, دبي هيلز استيت, دبي
فيلا, 5 bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

Luxury 5BR villa smaller type in Architectural Styles

غولف بلايس, دبي هيلز استيت, دبي
فيلا, 5 bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

Finest 4BR | Golf Place | Pay 25% & Move In

غولف بلايس, دبي هيلز استيت, دبي
فيلا, 4 bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

Luxury 5BR | Pay 25% & Move In | No DLD Fee

غولف بلايس, دبي هيلز استيت, دبي
فيلا, 5 bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms

Luxury 6BR Villa | Golf Views | Highest ROI

غولف بلايس, دبي هيلز استيت, دبي
فيلا, 6 bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms

Resale 2BR Mid Floor | 6% Potential ROI | Sea View

ون جي بي ار, مساكن شاطئ الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Luxurious Penthouse With Panoramic Sea View

بحر 5, بحر, مساكن شاطئ الجميرا, دبي
بنتهاوس, 4 bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms

Luxurious | Upgraded 2 Bedroom | Best Price

الحلاوي, مساكن شور لاين, نخلة الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 2 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

Sea View | Furnished by Francesco Molon | Vacant

كمبينسكي بالم ريزيدنس, ذا كريسنت, نخلة الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 2 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

Fully Furnished Apartment With Full Sea View

أنانتارا رزدنسز- جنوب, أنانتارا رزدنسز, نخلة الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 1 bedroom, 2 Bathrooms

Vacant | Sea & Skyline View | Furnished

كمبينسكي بالم ريزيدنس, ذا كريسنت, نخلة الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 3 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

Exclusive 2BR | Low Floor | Community View

بحر 1, بحر, مساكن شاطئ الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 2 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

Exclusive 1 BR | Mid Floor | Up to 4 cheques

برج أبر كريست, دبي وسط المدينة, دبي
شقة, 1 bedroom, 2 Bathrooms

Exclusive 1BR I Fendi Unit I Marina View

داماك هايتس, دبي مارينا, دبي
شقة, 1 bedroom, 2 Bathrooms

Apartment For Sale With Panoramic & Sea View

برج البطين, الممشى, مساكن شاطئ الجميرا, دبي
شقة, 3 bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms